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Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr said in his state-of-the-nation address that the Philippines would press efforts to strengthen its defensive capability by forging security alliances with friendly countries to counter threats to its territorial interests in the South China Sea, adding that his country would only settle disputes through diplomacy.

He made the remarks on the territorial conflicts before legislators, top officials and diplomats at the House of Representatives after the worst confrontation between Chinese and Filipino forces in the disputed waters last month.

Marcos’ decision to ban the Chinese-run online gambling outfits — estimated to number more than 400 across the Philippines and employing tens of thousands of Chinese and Southeast Asian nationals— came amid an ongoing government crackdown backed by Beijing.

That led to the shutdown of several sprawling complexes with dozens of buildings, where authorities suspect thousands of Chinese, Vietnamese and other nationals mostly from Southeast Asia have been illegally recruited and forced to work in dismal conditions.


I'm not inherently a furry, but I am a sub who has no problem with furry stuff. If you want a pet, I'm your good girl 🐶


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"Hungary’s repeated uncoordinated steps to speak against EU unity must “have some formal consequences,” EU’s top diplomat Josep Borrell said.

Hungary chairs the rotating EU Council presidency until 31 December.

The step came after several EU member states said they would downgrade their participation in informal meetings planned in Budapest during Hungary’s EU presidency.

Some EU diplomats had even floated the idea of Borrell potentially calling the meeting symbolically in Kyiv, instead of Budapest. However, its backers remained in the minority.


Wienermobile crashes on Tri-State Tollway near Oak Brook — but 'Hotdoggers' safe

The Wienermobile and a car were both going north on the tollway when the Wienermobile struck the car, lost control and rolled over, Illinois State Police said. No injuries were reported.


We completely neglected to thin the backyard apricot tree, so we have a huge crop of tiny apricots this year.

Early pickings go into the dehydrator. Later fruit will go into the freezer to eventually become jam. And of course we also eat them fresh until the whole family is sick of them.


Slovakia and Hungary have increased pressure on Kyiv after they said last week they had stopped receiving oil from Lukoil via Ukraine. Hungary receives 2 million metric tons of oil from the Russian group annually, around a third of its total oil imports, Hungary's foreign minister Peter Szijjarto said.

The two countries have initiated a consultation with the European Commission, he said, adding the Commission had three days to respond.

If the consultation procedure did not yield results, Hungary and Slovakia would take the issue to an international court of their choosing instead, he said.

The Ukrainian foreign ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment, though the head of Ukrainian energy firm Naftogaz acknowledged a lack of oil from Lukoil.

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Alt: A "know the difference" meme. On the left is a sniper rifle from the videogame Destiny 2 called Cloudstrike. On the right is a Windows bluescreen labeled with Crowdstrike.


Scranton General Strike (1877)

Mon Jul 23, 1877


Image: An illustration showing Scranton Citizens' Corps firing on strikers, August 1st, 1877, by Frank Leslie [Wikipedia]

On this day in 1877, as part of the Great Railroad Strike, a general strike broke out in Scranton, Pennsylvania when railroad workers walked off the job, quickly joined by thousands more from a variety of industries.

The strike began on July 23rd when railroad workers walked off the job in protest of recent wage cuts, a strike that continued into mid-November. By July 26th, it grew to include thousands of workers from a variety of industries, including brakemen, firemen, mill workers, and miners.

Violence erupted on August 1st after thousands of angry strikers rioted, looting stores, assaulting the mayor, and clashing with a local pro-business militia. The militia shot into the crowd (depicted above), leaving four dead and many more wounded.

The next day, National Guard arrived to Scranton and imposed martial law, later aided by federal troops. Comparatively minor acts of violence continued throughout the strike and associated riots. The occupying military forces left the area at the end of October, signaling an end to the uprising.

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